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Car Accidents In Omaha Pit Personal Injury Lawyers Against Insurance Giants

Car Accidents Lawyer In Omaha

Omaha has been compared to the beating heart of America, with goods and people pouring in and out of this Nebraska transportation hub. Unfortunately, America’s arteries sometimes get clogged. Car accidents, as well as truck and other motor vehicle accidents, remain all too common in Omaha.

While some will be fatal, others will leave survivors grievously injured and struggling under crippling medical payments as they try to return to life before their crash. But one major obstacle often lies in their way: insurance companies.

As the ultimate source of any compensation payment to injured car accident victims, insurance companies will often fight to deny or limit the size of settlements or payments. Arrayed against them are personal injury attorneys, like Omaha’s own Terry Salerno & Danny Leavitt.

If Omaha is the heart of America, then these cases might very well be fights over its soul.

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Omaha: Some Of Nebraska’s Deadliest Roads And Car Accidents

Omaha: Nebraska’s Deadliest Roads And Car Accidents Attorney Primarily located in Douglas County, but with a metropolitan area that stretches through eight counties in two states, Omaha is a transportation hub that runs more than ever on road traffic. Interstates, highways, motorways, and expressways converge in the metropolitan area. Omaha’s grid-like streets welcome millions of cars every week, and serious car accidents nearly every day.Douglas County, of which Omaha makes up a substantial portion, has more motor vehicle accidents than any other in Nebraska. While the percentage of fatalities on Omaha roadways has fallen somewhat in recent years, this means more car accident victims have survived only to suffer life-changing injuries.Injuries they struggle to receive adequate compensation for from tight-fisted insurance companies.

Insurance Companies Fight Over Fault In Omaha Personal Injury Claims

As an “at-fault” state, Nebraskan law stipulates that the driver responsible for an accident in Omaha must pay compensation for the damages and injuries suffered by others. Or more accurately, their insurance company needs to pay.Insurance companies, however, are reluctant to hand over the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars that any given car accident can cost an injured victim. As victims struggle to claim what they need to pay for medical treatments or time lost from work, insurance companies try to play the blame game.First, they will try to dispute who is at fault, and thus which company has to pay. But even when fault is clear, the final amount of compensation paid can be reduced by any amount of blame attributed to the victim. A fact insurance companies are more than happy to exploit to substantially reduce the amount they owe you after an accident.Thus having a single brake light supposedly have been out before you got rear-ended at an intersection could mean you only get 80% of what your spinal cord injury cost you from the insurance company of the driver who recklessly slammed into your car.
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Omaha Personal Injury Attorneys Fight For Full Compensation After Car Accidents

Omaha Personal Injury Attorney While insurance giants do their best to pay as little as possible to drivers injured on Omahas’ crowded roadways, victims have no billion-dollar companies on their side. They are not without recourse, however, as Personal Injury attorneys in Omaha have become experts in using Nebraska’s laws to fight back.Omaha personal injury attorneys, like Terry Salerno and Danny C. Leavitt, help car accident victims claim fairer and more comprehensive compensation. Such attorneys not only negotiate on behalf of car accident victims but also double as investigators and researchers. Personal injury lawyers will collect evidence, testimony, medical experts, and any other information needed to prevent insurance companies from short-changing accident victims.Not only are they able to get insurance companies to settle for substantially higher amounts, but, when needed, lawyers like Salerno and Leavitt are perfectly happy to take them on in Omaha’s civil court.

Car Accident Victims Have To Act Fast In Omaha

Anyone who has had the misfortune to be injured on the streets of Omaha knows that in Nebraska you have to act fast if you want full compensation. With only four years to settle or claim compensation, Insurance companies will happily drag their feet to deprive you of the financial compensation you deserve for your:
  • Personal Injuries,
  • Medical expenses,
  • Time lost from work,
  • Inability to continue working,
  • Emotional or non-financial damages.
Worse still, if you have lost a loved one in a car accident in Omaha or elsewhere in Nebraska, the statute of limitations for filing a wrongful death claim is even shorter, at only two years. This means that insurance companies are happy to let the clock run out on your claim while you are struggling to deal with loss and grief.Having expert attorneys on your side, especially one experienced in handling car accident compensation, personal injury claims, and wrongful death claims, is essential.Few Omaha residents have the means, much less the time and knowledge to fight against the insurance companies who are required, by law, to pay. But for anyone who has been injured, or lost a loved one, attorneys like Salerno And Leavitt, will fight for them and their rights. And they are just a simple phone call away.
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