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In this article, you will learn about:

  • The many losses that victims of commercial accidents can find coverage for in their claim.
  • Who is responsible for compensating you for damages suffered after a commercial vehicle accident.
  • How an attorney can help you find the information that will be vital to prove your claim.

The three most prominent causes of commercial vehicle or trucking accidents are the speed of the vehicle, inattention to traffic conditions ahead, and improper lane changes.

Speed is a huge factor in commercial vehicle accidents because they take longer to slow. Unlike with car accidents, the distance needed to stop is substantially greater.

What’s more, drivers have a number of things that they must be mindful of and, oftentimes, there is not enough attention to the traffic conditions ahead of them so that they can properly adjust the speed of their vehicle.

Finally, improper lane changes are a big cause of commercial truck accidents because the truck driver either does not see or has not kept a proper lookout by using their mirrors as they are instructed to by the Federal Motor Vehicle Carrier Act. As a result, they end up turning into a lane that is occupied by a vehicle.

What Are The Common Injuries That Result From Accidents Involving Large Semi-Trucks & Other Large Commercial Vehicles?

Unfortunately, the severity of the injuries from commercial trucking accidents are often catastrophic.

Because of the size of these vehicles, the severity of impact can cause death, broken bones, brain injury, and herniated discs in the neck and back that require surgical correction. In addition, paraplegia and quadriplegia are also possible outcomes.

Who Is Potentially Liable For Severe Injuries After A Trucking Accident In Omaha?

There can be multiple parties that can be responsible or potentially have insurance coverage available:

  • The trucking company itself;
  • The driver of the commercial vehicle;
  • The insurance carrier for the leasing company for the tractor;
  • The leasing company for the trailer;
  • The company that insured the load that was being carried;
  • And more…

How Much Is A Nebraska Trucking Accident Personal Injury Case Worth?

The value of a personal injury case involving a trucking accident greatly varies from case to case depending upon several key factors.

The following details impact the value of the claim:

  • The nature of the damages;
  • The liability of the case;
  • The medical care that is required;
  • The impact on the individual’s life by the injuries that they suffer;
  • Whether they are able to return to their place of work;
  • Whether they are going to be limited in the job market;
  • Whether they are going to be able to return to work at all;
  • And more…

Furthermore, injuries that are permanent in nature and have lifelong consequences will impact the value of the case. Accidents leading up to a case are not identical; therefore, the results are not identical. The injuries and liability drastically impact the outcome.

How Common Are Auto Wrecks Involving Large Semi Trucks And Other Commercial Vehicles On Nebraska Roadways?

While these accidents do not occur as often as car accidents, they do occur much more frequently than people believe

Moreover, when they do occur, the extent of injuries and damages is usually much more severe than seen in car accidents because of the size of the semi and the severity of the impact.

What Types Of Damages Could I Be Entitled To After A Trucking Accident Personal Injury Settlement?

The damages are based upon…

  • The nature and extent of the injury;
  • The medical care that is required;
  • Any future medical care that will be necessary;
  • The lost earnings that occur as a result of the collision;
  • The time that the person misses from work;
  • Any lost earning capacity that might occur as a result of the long-term implications on their ability to return to the workforce or to hold on to a job in the future
  • The loss of enjoyment of life (especially if they have family members that are involved in the collision with them that pass away).

Should a family member pass away, an individual can be compensated for the loss of comfort, society, and companionship linked to the loss. All of the aforementioned are damages that are potentially recoverable in a severe trucking accident.

Why Should Someone Retain Legal Representation From A Knowledgeable And Experienced Trucking Accident Lawyer Immediately Following A Collision?

Retaining an adept lawyer at the early stages can provide crucial benefits. The information that can be obtained in the early days following a collision may be more difficult to locate after a delay.

For example, discrepancies with witnesses are very common – especially in the case that they move, change contact information, or their information was never documented in the first place.

Typically, with a trucking accident, the police or experts retained by an attorney have the possibility of downloading electronic vehicle monitoring systems that can provide information regarding speed, change of direction, and other pertinent components of the incident.

An experienced attorney can assist with collecting various data stored in the electronic vehicle monitor, GPS information, information about the driver from federal resources, documentation of any tickets that the driver has received, and the log information.

A variety of information is required of truckers and trucking companies concerning pre-inspections that need to be performed on the vehicle on a daily basis. These driving logs and all of the information that will be gathered by an experienced truck accident lawyer is vital and time-sensitive.

Certain data is only retained for a specific period of time by the trucking companies, and some electronic data will disappear after periods of time depending upon the system that is in the truck. Likewise, some of the GPS materials may not be retained for extended periods of time.

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