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How We Work With Insurance Companies Across Nebraska

  • By: Salerno & Leavitt
  • Published: March 12, 2021

How We Work With Insurance Companies Across NebraskaThe reason that insurance plans exist is so that people don’t need to worry about bills that pile up following an accident. Sadly, many insurance companies try to avoid their responsibilities by finding ways to minimize the amount of money they pay to their clients. It can be beyond upsetting to pay an insurance company for years just to have them turn their back on you when you need them most. That’s why having a great legal team on your side during these scenarios is a must. Here at Salerno & Leavitt, our lawyers can work to get you the money you deserve for your insurance company. We won’t let them get away with minimizing the severity of your incident for their financial benefit. If you’ve been in an accident and have to report it to your insurance company, contact us today to handle it professionally and correctly.

Multiple Insurance Companies To Manage

Car accidents involve multiple car insurance companies, leading to a complex and sometimes drawn out resolution process. Both the negligent driver and the innocent one have their own companies who will be working on their behalf, and there is a great deal of vital information that needs to be gathered from all sides. First of all, you’ll need to talk to your insurance company to let them know what happened.

You’ll also be contacted by the other person’s insurance company, but there purpose in trying to obtain a statement from you is not for the purpose of looking out for your best interest. You need to file a claim for compensation from them but is important to recognize that the opposing insurance company is not necessarily going to be looking out for your best interest. You should contact us as soon as possible after the collision so we can discuss the best way to report the claim to the opposing insurance carrier. In some cases, there can also be health insurance companies involved should injuries occur. Navigating the conversations that need to occur with all these companies can be difficult, which is where we come in. Our team has helped people across Nebraska by communicating with their insurance companies on their behalf to get the best possible result.

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