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The Benefits Of Hiring A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

  • By: Salerno & Leavitt
  • Published: August 6, 2019

The Benefits Of Hiring A Workers’ Compensation AttorneyWhen you’re severely injured on the job, the impact of your disability can destroy your livelihood. Some situations clearly indicate a correlation between your work and your injury, but others require legal assistance to make the connection. Here is how to decide if your case could benefit from a workers’ compensation attorney.

When You Should Consider Hiring an Attorney

Not every workers’ compensation case needs legal representation to come to fruition. Circumstances that have clear, identifiable work-related injuries or injuries that don’t involve extensive medical treatment or extended time off, for example, are often quickly resolved. If you receive pushback in more complicated situations, however, an attorney can offer clarification for you to get reasonable compensation.

A workers’ compensation attorney is necessary if:

  • Your claim is denied.
  • You have a pre-existing condition.
  • You receive government benefits.
  • Your disability rating is disputed.
  • The comp carrier fails or refuses to pay the medical bills.
  • Any dispute about the loss of earning capacity resulted from the injury.

These issues can complicate your case because they allow insurance companies to place the blame for your condition somewhere else. Workers’ compensation lawyers can find ways to clarify your situation and fight to help receive the means to live with your injury.

How An Attorney Can Help You

When you’re looking for compensation for the injuries you sustained on the job, an attorney can provide the expertise and representation to make that happen. Before filing a workers’ compensation claim, they will help you to collect evidence that is vital to proving your case. Information like medical records, expert testimony from your doctor, and statements from friends and family about your physical state and day-to-day life will bolster the claim of the effects of your injuries. Attorneys will additionally find vocational experts that can attest to the physical demands of your job as well as search for examples of your employer’s lack of training or safety protocol.

Legal representation will also be imperative to negotiating your settlement, as they will have evidentiary support to value your claim at a certain amount and fight to get it. If you can’t reach a fair agreement in negotiations, then your attorney will stand up for you in court to assure that you aren’t shortchanged in the outcome of your case. If you aren’t satisfied with how court proceedings play out, you can even appeal the decision with the help of a lawyer.

In workers’ compensation cases, your attorney should offer knowledgeable yet compassionate representation. In Omaha, NE, those battling work-related injuries turn to our team at Salerno & Associates to get support with their claims to their employers. For more information about how we can help get you the compensation you deserve, call us today.

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