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Why It’s Essential To Seek Medical Attention Following A Car Crash

  • By: Salerno & Leavitt
  • Published: August 26, 2019

Why It’s Essential To Seek Medical Attention Following A Car CrashA car crash is a chaotic experience that disrupts your life in an instant. A typical response in the moments after a collision is to distance yourself from the situation as quickly as possible, but avoiding vital steps like seeking medical attention can keep you from getting financial compensation if you ultimately have underlying injuries. Here’s why you need to see a doctor directly after a car accident.

Why Immediate Medical Attention Is Important

Underlying Injuries

When you are involved in a car crash, it’s common that some injuries are not visible or immediately apparent. In this high stress situation, the adrenaline will block your body from feeling something wrong for a few hours. Even if you feel okay in the moments after the accident, it’s essential that a doctor checks for any underlying issues.

Head injuries, like concussions, often occur in collisions, and they can be confused for feeling stressed in the aftermath of this incident. Whiplash is also a typical problem, but it won’t be apparent until a day or two after the car crash. By allowing a doctor to run some tests, you can avoid injuries going undiagnosed and treat these issues before they worsen.

Proper Documentation

For an insurance company to give you the compensation you need for your injuries, there needs to be a paper trail that supports your claim. Receiving medical attention will document every aspect of your injuries, from how they came about to your prognosis and how a doctor treated you accordingly.

The immediacy of medical attention will also underscore the direct correlation between the car crash and your injuries. This factor can help you if you decide to pursue compensation for medical expenses or a loss of income due to an inability to work. If there is a delay in seeking medical care, the insurer will try to argue that the injuries are from a different collision or a cause other than the car crash at hand. That grey area is eliminated when you go to a doctor immediately following the incident.

Insurance Gaps Explained

Providing concrete evidence of medical attention is essential if you plan to seek compensation from the insurance of the other driver. The insurance company will try to limit their obligation to pay for the full extent of your injuries. They will claim that your injuries aren’t as severe as claimed if you don’t go to the emergency room following the collision or see your family physician to document the injuries and the fact that they occurred following the crash. It is important to attend all the scheduled follow up appointments with your doctor, both to make certain you are getting the necessary medical care and treatment you need, and also to document any continuing pain or impairment you are experiencing from the injuries. By having a medical record that documents the injuries resulting from the car crash and any treatments prescribed by your treating physician, you will have the upper hand in the negotiations with the insurance company, and you will have the evidence necessary if your case ends up in trial.

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