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When a loved one dies as the result of another’s actions, be they negligent or malicious, the victim’s family will have to carry a heavy burden. As they deal with the grief, they shouldn’t also have to deal with financial instability. If you have need of a wrongful death attorney in Omaha, NE, come to Salerno & Leavitt. We’ll make sure you receive the representation you deserve.

Specialized Service

The experienced legal team at Salerno & Leavitt is trained to ensure that your wrongful death case goes well. Whether you’re familiar with the legal system or a newcomer, we’ll walk you through the entire process. You can be confident that your representation is sure and that your needs will be met.

Years Of Experience

Our lawyers have over 30 years of experience as personal injury and wrongful death attorneys. We’ve represented clients from across the country and are eager to use our experience to help you with your case. Danny Leavitt, associate attorney, has many years of experience in the legal field, in addition to writing and speaking about law for many institutes and publications.

These lawyers, along with the rest of the team, will work together to give you the best representation they can. The future of your family will be affected by the outcome of the case. Don’t entrust the outcome of your case to just anyone; let an experienced team work for you.

Contact Information

Are you in need of a wrongful death attorney in Omaha, NE? The experienced legal team at Salerno & Leavitt is eager and willing to support you. You can call us or email us at to request more information, including a consultation. The death of a loved one is traumatic enough on its own; let us help you through your court proceedings.

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